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Global Offer

  • Technical Capacilty

    Adial is able to perform the alloys according to EN standards or according to your specifications.

  • Range

    Where Adial can not compete with primary sources, it joins forces with producers and distributes their products in partnership and complementary range.

  • Flexibility

    Your need is taken into account no matter that your order a ton or a truckload.
    Adial is known for its tight deadlines.

    Contact us, we will do everything to serve you.

  • Analysis

    Adial can count on two spectrometers, a microscope with digital camera and density measurement to allow a good control over the preparation of the alloy and the associated treatments (degassing)

    On request, micro parts are made in our laboratory in order to help you understanding the behaviour of your parts.

  • Technical advice

    Adial is advised by an expertise company (Metatek-Claude Planchamps) which is recognized for its skills in metal casting of aluminium alloys. its management is experienced in metallurgy of steel, zinc and aluminium.

    See also our commitment to quality.

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