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Our commitments

The Directorate of ADIAL believes that mastery of a quality approach, and especially respect for the ISO 9001 normative requirement is essential.

Quality policy is based on 5 main pillars:

  • Customer satisfaction

    Meet the expectations expressed or implied by our customers by listening and continuous improvement of quality, service and production
  • Improvement

    Continuously improve our activities through regular communication with our customers and inter-service, continuing development of management by objectives and indicators
  • Our staff

    Diversity and commitment of our staff is an asset, encouraged by the work environment pleasant and efficient for which each is responsible
  • Health-Safety-Environment

    A policy of active prevention must both help prevent incidents and accidents of our staff, and secondly allow us to comply with existing regulations
  • Integrity

    Our management and our relations are based on honesty and fairness

The Directorship of ADIAL agrees that this policy is known, shared, and the means and resources are made ​​available for its implementation by all staff.


ISO 9001

You can download the Certificate of Approval 9001:2008 (.pdf file) and  EN 9100:2009, AS9100C, JISQ 9100:2009 Certificate (fichier .pdf) for the production of master and primary aluminium alloys, transformation of aluminium alloys and production of zinc alloys.

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