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Adial aluminium

Welcome to Adial your top partner for your primary aluminum alloys and your master alloys .

Adial aims predominantly gravity foundry without forgetting the other foundry sectors thanks to its master alloys and its grain refiners.

In partnership with leading producers, Adial offers a wide range of products satisfying almost all your needs.


Aluminium prices

Aluminium 3 months: USD/Ton

Exchange rate €/$ (updated every 8 hours)

Aluminium exchange rate 3 Months in €/Ton

  • Global Offer

    Adial produces and distributes primary and master alloys of Aluminium. It offers quality alloys, clean production and distribution. His laboratory is equipped with 2 spectrometers, analytical tools and micrographic density measurements.


  • Our main products

    All ADIAL master alloys are made ​​from Aluminium and primary metal ensuring a low impurity content in small ingots. Before casting, deoxidation and extensive degassing are performed to obtain an optimum metallurgical quality.


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